Talc, A Soft Mineral For The Skin

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Talc Is More Likely A Natural Mineral For Your Skin

Appreciated for its soft, powdery feel, talc is used for centuries for its absorbent and mattifying properties. Its use today is less common in our bathrooms, yet it is time to rehabilitate this natural product to regressive fragrance.

Talc, a product unjustly forgotten

Talc is a bit like Proust’s madeleine. We all have in mind the memory of a pink and white bottle retro look stowed deep in a cupboard in the bathroom to look after the baby’s bottom or sprinkle the inside of shoes that make us sweat.

Used since ancient times, talc is nevertheless fell into disuse when the mineral derived from the magnesium silicate powder reduction has many virtues. Blame first the scandal of Morhange talc in the 1970s that led to the death of 36 children due to a handling error in a factory. Talc was mixed with a high concentration of hexachlorophene (a potent bactericidal), a toxic and lethal in high doses.

In addition, for 3 years, we are witnessing the emergence of a trend of cosmetic “talc free” in Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian countries. Because more magnesium silicate, talc can also contain traces of iron, aluminum, nickel or asbestos depending on the deposit. It is precise that this mineral raises questions for consumers.

“Yet there is no reason to be afraid of talc in Europe because it is controlled and traceable,” says Pascale Ruberti, chemist and Head Research & Development at Aroma-Zone. Today, all industrial Zones ensure that their suppliers send their certificate “asbestos-free” when buying raw materials.

Absorbent and mattifying properties

If the talc has been used in cosmetics and toilet, it is above all for its strong absorbent and mattifying power.”Talc has the advantage of being a-cheap raw material, odorless, white and inert, that is to say, mixed with other ingredients, it does not interfere with them,” explains Pascale Ruberti . It is also a product which is preserved for a long time, which can be used at any age and for which there are no indications against.

Talc is an ideal support for the production of powder, including mixing with the pigments and nacres.To improve the quality of the cosmetic, coated talc is preferable, that is to say of talc mixed with a vegetable oil or butter, to ensure a better bonding with the other ingredients.

It is also possible to use talc instead of a dry shampoo to absorb excess oil and give volume to your hair. However, we do not forget to brush hair to remove talc and avoid wig effect of Louis XIV.

Moms love talc so much because its the best way to protect baby buttocks from moisture and chafing of the diaper.

Moreover, it is advisable to apply a little talcum powder before waxing to dry skin and better adhere the wax. Hair removal is less painful and more efficient.

The talc may be incorporated into deodorant for its absorbent properties. But do not use it only under the armpits, it has no bactericidal virtue and has no effect on odors.

Recipe of free mattifying powder for the complexion

– 25 ml of coated natural talc
– 3 tablespoons active TAD soft touch
– 7 spoons rice powder micronised organic TAD
– 2 tablespoons of brown mineral oxide PINCH
– 4 tablespoons of yellow mineral oxide DASH
– 18 drops of aromatic extract of melon

1- In a mortar, transfer all powders and mash thoroughly with a pestle for a few minutes to obtain a homogeneous color.
You get a better result by grinding the powder in a coffee grinder for 3 consecutive sequences of about 15 seconds. Over time as you will mix, the color develops.

2- Then add the aromatic melon extract and mix again just minutes or 3 consecutive sequences of about 15 seconds in a coffee grinder.

3- Transfer the mixture into your compact.

Recipe Rosy blush compact

– Coated cosmetics Talc: 6 spades 2 ml
– Mineral Blue Oxide: 2 tablespoons 2 tablespoons DROP DROP
– Mineral Oxide Red: 1/2 teaspoon PINCH
– Mineral Oxide Rose: 2.5 excavators 2 ml
– Oily macerate Vanilla BIO: 0.2 ml
– Shea Butter: 0.2 ml


1- In a mortar, transfer all powders (cosmetic talc + oxides) and then grind them carefully with the pestle for a few minutes to obtain a homogeneous color mixture.
As you will mix more long, more the color develops.

2- Transfer the macerated vanilla In a dish.
3- Melt in double boiler over low heat with a teaspoon of shea butter. Remove from heat then divide the volume needed butter with a graduated pipette 2 ml and then transfer it to the dish containing the macerated vanilla.
4- Melt in double boiler over low heat the exact amount of shea butter. Remove from heat and transfer it in the cup containing the macerated vanilla and strawberry charlotte fragrance. |
5- Pour in the melted mixture into the previously milled powders and mix carefully and without waiting all for a few minutes with the pestle.
6- Transfer the mixture into your bucket and compact it using the compacting press and a punch.
If your preparation is difficult to compact in the cup, retransfer it in the mortar and crush the new few minutes and try again

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