Natural Beauty Recipe: A Sooty Black Mascara

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Black Mascara Beauty Tip For Natural Beauty

We dress her eyelashes without any damage by applying a coat of homemade black mascara smoky.
Follow the instructions of this natural recipe to the tips of lashes.


To prepare this black smoky, 100% natural, mascara which strengthens and sheath the eyelashes, we must first think of the hardware.
You can recycle a bottle and a well cleaned mascara brush or buy the whole equipments from a store specializing in organic cosmetics.

For a vial of 20 g you need:

-9.8g Of cornflower hydrosol (49%)
-4G Vegetable castor oil (20%)
-2 G of powdered activated carbon or black oxide (10%)
-1.6 G of emulsifier Olivem 1000 (8%)
-1.3 G of shea butter (6.4%)
1g vegetable glycerine (5%)
-0.2 G of xanthan gum (1%)
-0.1g Conservative kind cosgard (0.6%)


Clean and disinfect equipment, utensils, work plan and hands.
In a stainless steel bowl, pour the medicated water and glycerine and then add the xanthan gum in the pouring rain.
Homogenize to achieve the consistency of a gel.
Then add in this same bowl: oil, emulsifier, shea butter and coal.
Melt all bath and homogenize regularly until the mixture reaches 65 ° C.
Stir again, the consistency takes shape (gel).
Get out of the heat and add the Conservative and homogenize again.
Put in a water bath if the preparation has thickened.
Transfer the mascara with a spatula in a recycled and pre sterilized vial.


Apply to the lashes in “zigzag” for better color and better resistance.

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