Beauty Recipe: Eye Gel With Aloe vera


Eye Gel With Aloe vera: How To Make

Moisturizing, decongestant and anti-wrinkle, the soft care, to realize oneself, treats the fragile area around the eye. Relaxing effect guaranteed!


– 14 g of rose hydrosol Damascus
– 1 cup liquid honey
– 32.2 g of aloe vera gel
– 2.5 g oil Calophylle inophyle
– 0.3 g cosgard (Conservative)


Dissolve the honey liquid in the hydrosol rose.
Then pour in another container, inophyle Calophylle oil in a thin stream into the gel of aloe vera, whisking continuously.
Add the honey and rose hydrosol while mixing well.
Finish by adding the Conservative cosgard.
Place the mixture into a ball vial (type roll-on) small.

The benefits of the ingredients

Rose hydrosol The Damascus.
Astringent and tensor, it prevents and fights effectively against skin aging.
It refreshes and softens the skin, while soothing irritation and redness.
It gives a natural fragrance.

Liquid honey.
This is an excellent humectant that moisturizes, softens and soothes the skin.

The aloe vera gel.
Thanks to its high concentration of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, sugar and lignin, as it is an excellent skin conditioner.
It facilitates the penetration and participates in the hydration of the epidermis.
It also brings a slight tightening effect to this care.

Calophylle inophyle oil.
Circulatory and liquefying, it protects blood vessels and eases blood flow.
It helps to reduce dark circles.

The cosgard.
Ecocertified Conservative, it keeps stable cosmetic preparation at room temperature, avoiding a possible bacterial growth.

How to use:
Apply this treatment on the eye contour in morning and evening.
Touch the thin skin with fingertips with light tapping, to facilitate the penetration of the treatment.
Smooth the lower lid from the inside to the outside, then smoothly under the eyebrow.

Keep this treatment one month at room temperature.
Recycle an old roll-on bottle with a steel ball.
The cooling effect of the ball helps to decongest the eye contour and smooth any pockets.
To give the effect of “ice”, keep it in the fridge!

The precautions
Emphasize the use of raw materials from organic farming.
Observe strict hygiene during manufacture.
Do not forget to clean and disinfect your hands, utensils and containers you use.
Perform a skin test by applying a small amount of product in the elbow or wrist.
No reaction after 48 hours? You can enjoy it!

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